How you can help

Thoroughbred Racing is campaigning to convince the state government to change the 15% POC tax which has led to a significant downturn in our industry. As part of this, it is very important that Members of Parliament also hear from as many individuals as possible.

We encourage you to show your support by completing the form below, which will send a message to the Minister for Racing, the Hon Corey Wingard MP.

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direct Contacts

You can also contact the Minister for Racing and Treasurer directly at the below email addresses.

Minister for Racing, the Hon Corey Wingard:

Treasurer, the Hon Rob Lucas:

Alternatively, contact your local MP and urge them to represent your opinion to the Minister and Treasurer.

Click here to find your local MP and their details.

If you don’t know what electorate you reside in, simply click here to use the ECSA’s interactive map.